About The Greenspring Poodle Club:

Our first President, Charles LeBoutillier,Jr, a graduate of Harvard and MIT acquired a Standard Poodle and realized the potential of the breed. He founded GPC to promote the breed in 1953.


To promote the purity of the breed and educate ourselves and others regarding the Poodle breed.


GPC seeks to preserve the purity of the Poodle varieties as well as education regarding the breed. We sponsor 2 ACK obedience trials each year and support a breed show as well.

General Information

We have general meetings bi-monthly and we invite new potential members to join us. We have Standard Poodles, as well as Miniatures and Toys. The first Poodles were bred by the Germans as water retrievers in the 15th century and are very friendly, versatile family pets.


Greenspring Poodle Club 2015 Board Member Listing

PresidentMary Watson
Vice PresidentMarge Hetrick
Corresponding SecretaryPaul Clas
Breeder ReferralFrances & Theodore Peterson
Recording SecretaryJudy Schreiber
TreasurerElice Shelton
Poodle RescueLinda Wildman
BoardChrystal Murray Clas
BoardJoannie Clas
BoardPat Killalea
BoardJacky Young