Charles Leboutillier, Jr.

History of the Greenspring Poodle Club

Charles LeBoutillier, Jr. was Founder and First President of the Greenspring Poodles Club, Inc.

A graduate of Harvard and MIT, Charles came to Baltimore to work in the field of commercial art. When Mrs. Whitehouse Walker brought Obedience to the United States, Charles became an enthusiastic follower of the sport. It was then when he acquired a standard poodle that he recognized the potential this Breed had for Obedience. He felt that good breeding was essential for the development and protection of the Breed. Thus, began the Greenspring Poodle Club in June of 1953.

In 1954 the Club became an affiliate of the Poodle Club of America.

Charles was a respected breeder with his Stonewood Kennels, a licensed judge in both Breed and Obedience, a trainer in Obedience and Poodle Retrieving. He died suddenly at the age of 92 in 1996. Not only do members of the Greenspring Poodle Club owe Charles a debt of gratitude but also the countless people and poodles who, through his tireless efforts and insight, have been enriched.

The annual Poodle Retriever Work Trials were held at Wye Town Farm, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fisher, Jr., Sunday. Participants in the trials pictured here are, left to right: Mrs. Edwin M. Rippel with her retriever Baily; Mrs. Martha Covington and Chally; Mrs. Gordon Fisher, Jr., and Sarah; Miss Esther Crampton and Rowdy Randy; Mrs. Robert Price, Jr., and Pandora; Mrs. Alan Coppenbarger with Fifi, owned by Mrs. Fisher; Mrs. Frances Nunvar and Pierre; Miss Ruth Hyde and Spice; W.C. Smith and Joisette; and Charles LeBoutillier with Heide and Stevie.

Easton Star Democrat newspaper photo

Photo from the Easton Star Democrat newspaper, Easton, Maryland, December 20, 1957